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Our completed projects are in Baltics and Scandinavia. We are capable to deliver projects throughout Europe.

Turnkey Solution

We ensure end-to-end solutions, including design, production, installation, complete project management, and subsequent service.

60+ Completed Projects

A remarkable track record of completed installations for municipalities, developers, and industrial clients.


We are a certified metal processing company with 10+ years of experience in modular boiler houses. We also offer steel subcontracting services.

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Long-Lasting & Economical Modular Heating Solution

We offer customised heating projects according to industrial, public, and administrative customer needs and technical requirements.

Boiler house nominal power options vary from 250kW up to 3000kW and can be higher in custom projects. Modular boiler house requires less time and financial resources than stationary constructions.

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Long-lasting & economical modular heating solutions

We have a deep knowledge to manufacture energy-related components such as: – Furnaces including bricklaying and refractories – Boilers...

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Since customers might need more power than initially planned, there are vast possibilities to combine two or even more...

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– Power: 250 kW (at wt=55% wood chips) – One filled storage guarantees three days’ work on nominal power....

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We believe in building long lasting our business relationships.

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Business benefits

Save Overall Project Implementation Costs

Save Your Time

Up to 70% less time spent on project implemenation

Reduce Expenses

Up to 30% less overall costs per project compared to stationary heating solutions

Avoid Unneccessary Paperwork

Save half the time thanks to a simplified coordination process with construction boards


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